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Government Covid-19 Requirements:

  • Masks are now required for everyone in all public indoor settings and workplaces. People who cannot put on or remove a mask on their own are exempt. Masks for children under the age of 2 is not recommended.  A customer can be refused entry or service if they do not wear a mask.
  • 2m (6ft) distancing is also required, even with masks
  • Stay home if you have ANY symptoms: FEVER, CHILLS, COUGH 
  • Stay home if you have traveled outside of Canada within the last 14 days
  • Stay home if you have been in contact with a person who tested positive for Covid-19


Additional Precautions:

  • Hand sanitizer is provided at the Mall entrances
  • Increased cleaning & sanitizing around the store, focusing on commonly touched surfaces
  • No-touch store entry -- there are automatic doors at the mall entrance
  • We will be leaving our outside door open as much as we can for better air flow & no-touch entry
  • Online shopping with Free pick-up or local drop-off is available
  • Increased shopping hours to disperse customer volume




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